Personal Hosting

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$ 4.75 per month
  • 5 GB disk space
  • 50 GB bandwidth
  • Host unlimited domains

Professional Hosting

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$ 9.75 per month
  • 10 GB disk space
  • 100 GB bandwidth
  • Host unlimited domains

Dedicated Server

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$ 349.95 per month
  • 1 TB hard disk
  • 2 TB bandwidth
  • Quad Core CPU with 32 GB RAM

Why Our Dedicated Servers?

When business grows large with a surge in traffic to your site, it’s time to consider taking services on the Dedicated Server. Dedicated Server in India is the premier firm providing the hosting solutions that give you the best kind of service in the Indian sub-continent. The website you own, needs to be hosted by an experienced company who has excellent know-how of the said matter.

When it comes to a wide range of top-of-the-class services in India, dedicated server come into the picture immediately. With a quick deployment rate of dedicated servers India, we are the market leaders of this field. The reliability, flexibility, affordability, and a high level of security through various software make sure that, your neighbor’s applications won’t bother your site’s functionality.

At present, the dedicated servers in India are capable of challenging the ones available to foreign players.It safeguards, the possibility that the dedicated servers in India, not only serve the domestic clients but also, the foreign clients. To be at par with our international competitors we keep ourselves absolutely updated with the latest technology. That pacing up with the present and the future technology gives us an edge over the rest. The best composition of server software and hardware in the market is available with us.

A certain level of root access over the server, will allow you to manage your accounts within the dedicated server. Our package comes along with a fully managed 24 x 7 live client support. There is no downtime and the bandwidth is enormous for you to have faith upon the scalability of our dedicated servers in India. We completely understand that economy is a major constraint most of the time, for the web owners who are looking for a server upgrade.

The data centers of Dedicated Server in the Indian subcontinent are capable to deliver everything you could expect from a fully dedicated server, at your disposal.

Customer Services

  • An team expert in the art of after sales services
  • Easily accessible customer service team
  • Belief in quick solution to your issue
  • Absolutely proficient in all the products and services of web hosting
  • Immediate response from tech team for those complicated issues